Packing your life into boxes while moving on to a fresh start is an art form that everybody can learn. The key is to keep all your belongings organized in top condition during the move. This is so that you do not begin a new adventure starting with disappointment. Here are the best tips to show you how to pack boxes for moving to cut down a lot of time and stress.

Gather All Your Packing Supplies

Before you start knocking things off those shelves to put in boxes, make sure you have all your packing supplies ready to organize those items efficiently. For example, you do not want to end up with important stuff trapped in the bottom of your boxes. This is because they are the first things you will need to access in your new home. The most important things you should buy are:

  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Scissors
  • A label maker

Separate Your Boxes into Categories

After you have constructed your first box, choose a small area to start packing. Make sure to bunch similar items that share the same weight and size. For instance, you can put all your shoes into one box. Then, use another to pack smaller items from your drawers. After you finish filling a box, grab your label maker and stick the word “shoes” on the front. Therefore, your moving company can determine the order in which to load this box onto their truck.

Heavier items will be placed at the bottom while the lighter boxes are stacked on top to avoid them getting crushed. Remember to use small or medium boxes for heavier items like books and large boxes for clothes, pillows, blankets, and cushions.

Fill the Boxes as Much as Possible

It is always best to fill all the space inside your boxes without making them too heavy. This is because boxes that are not full can collapse from the top if another is placed on them. Before sealing each box, make sure you are using all the possible space inside. Fragile items should have approximately two inches of padding on all sides to keep them secure. Always let your removals company in Sussex know if there are valuables in your boxes. Therefore, they can take extra care to ensure you get everything delivered safe and sound.

Wrap Those Breakables Carefully

Wrapping your fragile items in bubble wrap can go a long way in terms of protection. This means that they all arrive safely in one piece. If you have expensive dinner plates, mugs, bowls, and wine glasses, be generous with separate layers of bubble wrap around each of them before placing them carefully in the box. After sealing the top with tape, make sure to stick a label saying “fragile” so that your house movers can take good care of them.

Incorporate Box Dividers for Glass Items

Box dividers to separate your wine glasses and stemware provide an extra layer of protection to these fragile items. This way, even if the box slides around in the back of your car, your glasses will not end up smashed in pieces. Wrap individual glasses using bubble wrap and place them in their appropriate sections between the dividers before sealing your box shut.

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