Antique Removal Services Sussex

Wolves Removals is a specialized antique delivery company based in Brighton, Sussex, offering safe transit of highly valuable items and collectibles to locations across the UK and Europe.

We inherit decades of experience in moving precious antiques and collectibles for trade and retail customers. All antique handling and sale purchase is executed through our sister company — Wolfe’s Antiques Ltd.

Wolfe Antiques

Wolfe Antiques is one of our sister companies that offers unique antique and collectible items that you will find nowhere else. They also provide Antique Removal services through their parent removal company (Wolves Removals) which is well-recognized due to its excellent reputation.

Antique Removal – What’s Included

We can ship anything despite its size or value — from individual pieces to whole collections, safely, securely, and insured. If you need to pack or ship antiques for international shipping or simply to have an item picked up from a fair or auction, do it confidently with Wolves Removals.

Our team at Wolfe Antiques travels to various Antique fairs across Europe, predominantly within France: Béziers, Montpellier, and Avignon in the south, as well as Le Mans and Chartres in the north.

At every Antique fair, we offer Antique shipping services to the UK for our discerning attendees. This allows us to ensure that the purchased valuable antiques are delivered in the exact same condition as they were ordered.

Why Us?

Wolfe Removals ensures safe transit of your valuable antiques to your desired location with full insurance. All your antiques and collectibles are safely packed, and fragile items are separately secured with bubble wraps and thick clothes to avoid any damage. 

We are not just limited to door-to-door antique services. Alongside collecting items from antique fairs across France and the continent and fulfilling local antique furniture deliveries for the antique trade — we can help antique dealers with their Trader Fair presence.

We attend both the Olympia Antiques Fair and the Battersea Decorative Fairs. If there is a fair you would like to attend but need an extra pair of hands, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

Want to expand your antique collection with unique collectibles and items? Visit Wolfe Antiques. For our Antique Removals services, call us or get your Free Quote now.