A furniture removal is a daunting task, especially when you have many precious fragile items at home, like picture frames that need to be packed for storage or house removals. Photo frames need a lot of care because of their delicate nature. Here are some immensely helpful tips to ensure that your pictures always remain your best memories. Below is a summary of how to pack a picture and its frames the right way

The main packing supplies you need to pack pictures are:

  • A mirror box
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • A blanket

The first step to pack a picture is to lay down the blanket on whichever flat surface you will use to pack these frames, and this will become the base of your packing process. You can do this on a dining table, beds, or even while sitting on the floor if you have carpets. Then you will need to grab that mirror box with your packing tape to close the bottom end shut. Mirror boxes are exceptional safety supplies that are longer and flatter than regular house removal boxes. Most supply stores sell them, so you should have no problem finding a few before moving.

Your mirror box should be around 30% bigger than the frame you want to pack inside. If you have smaller picture frames, you can add more than one in each box after wrapping them separately. The next step is to place the frame glass-side down against your packing paper. Stretch a layer of it around to the back to cover the entire frame. This should make you feel like you are wrapping Christmas gifts for loved ones, so you should be a pro.

After the wrapping process for each frame, tape around all the edges of your sealed frame and be generous to tighten and secure the paper in place so it does not slide off. Once this is finished, you can add bubble wrap as an added layer of protection and repeat the same above steps you did with the packing paper.

Before putting your picture frames in the box, make sure the bottom is lined with thick wads of packing paper. This will protect your frame from shattering below in case you drop the package. Then you can finally insert the frame in your mirror box carefully and fill all excess spaces with more bunches of packing paper. This is important to protect all sides of your frames from drops and collisions during the removals process.

Finally, do not forget to tape the box shut with lots of packing tape. Then your picture frames will not be at risk of slipping out of the box during transit. When you are finished taping each mirror box for all your photo frames, stick a label on every single one saying the word “Fragile”. This will send a clear message to your trusted removals company in Sussex. They will then take extra care to protect your valuable memories. Therefore, you can always continue cherishing them for a lifetime at your new home when you unpack and display all of them proudly on the shelves and walls again.

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