Terms and Conditions

Removals Terms & Conditions

We would like everyone involved to read and understand our terms and conditions. You will discover unknown information here that is extremely useful.

All our services are subject to a minimum booking of two hours, with additional time charged in 20-minute increments.
Furthermore, we charge 50p per mile from the location of our Storrington warehouse.

Please ensure any keys are with us on the day of the move, we like to get going! Charges beginning at half of our usual hourly rate will be incurred if there are delays to the original agreed start time.
Please also inform us if we will be passing through a congestion zone so we can add the cost of the charge to the invoice.

We work hard to ensure your items arrive undamaged. We do, however, offer additional liability on our insurance at an extra cost of 10% of the overall invoice cost. Additional liability requires eligibility. You must declare the entire property value. Wolves Removals will no longer have liability over the safety and condition of your goods if the entire property value is not declared. You should be aware that this is because the terms of additional liability are broken. With our standard pricing, Standard liability applies which means that Wolves Removals do not accept responsibility for damages.

Charges for the removal of waste will be based upon a site inspection and quotation prior to the start date.

Any unwanted items of value that are of interest to our sister company Wolves Antiques can be traded against the invoice. We will remove the agreed cost of those items from the overall invoice should this occur. We accept payment in the form of BACS, credit/debit card, or cash to the driver upon completion. No cheques.

2 – Quotations

To provide our customers with the best quotation possible we need their full cooperation to help things run smoothly.
On bigger jobs, one of our employees will survey the site to make thorough and accurate estimations of timescale, mileage, and items to be moved, etc.

For a smaller, hourly rate job we require the following information to make an estimate:
• Full address details (inc. postcode) of all collections and deliveries.
• Particulars of properties including:

  • Size
  • Type (e.g flat, does it have stairs?)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Sheds, garages, and lofts, etc.
  • Distance from the road (is parking suitable for a large van?)

•  Particulars of items to be delivered:

  • Number of boxes
  • Large items
  • Valuable items

For man and van services, we make an inventory, for removals, we advise our customers to make their own to avoid confusion.

We are not responsible for delays caused to the agreed delivery times in extreme weather conditions (e.g heavy wind/rain/snow). In this circumstance we will do our best to get to you as soon as possible, however, if access to your road/property is impaired by extreme weather we will not be able to continue the move and another date will be arranged. Wolves are not responsible for any costs you incur due to the weather stopping us from undertaking your agreed service.

4 – Parking

When packing or unloading we may be required to park for several hours, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that we have legal access to do so, any fines we may incur will be added to the final cost of the overall invoice.

Wolves advise their customers to contact their local council(s) if unsure about parking arrangements during the move, they can advise you on how to arrange parking dispensations to avoid fines.

5 – During the move

At Wolves, we pride ourselves on punctuality and try to arrive at all our jobs early. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances beyond our control can cause delays to your move, we will always try our best to work through these but we cannot accept any responsibility for customer losses due to circumstances out of our control.

Wolves Removals and its employees reserve the right to refuse to continue services if they feel threatened in any way.

Terms & Conditions – Customer Responsibilities

Customer cooperation is essential for a smooth moving process, we try very hard to keep in contact via phone, text, and social media to ensure our customers are aware of every process of their move, we ask all our customers to please read through your responsibilities to us before your move:

– An accurate valuation of all goods to be transited, if it is discovered that the value of goods is higher than your declared valuation, you agree that Wolves’ liability will be reduced to reflect the difference of your declared value against their actual value.

– All necessary documentation for the move and parking arrangements. e.g parking permits, change for meters, visitor passes, etc. Customers must obtain this at their own expense.

–  Make prior arrangements to ensure that nothing is either left behind or taken in mistake, be present or represented during the loading and unloading of goods.

– You should ensure that electrical items and appliances were safely disconnected before our arrival.

– All fridges and/or freezers were properly disconnected before our arrival. Wolves are not responsible for their contents.

Our company, Wolves, will not be held liable for any loss or damage, costs, or charges that may arise from failing to correspond with these responsibilities. This is for reasons of negligence or breach of contact.

If you require more information on these terms and conditions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be able to offer a myriad of advice that can help you to understand these terms and conditions. Additionally, we can answer any questions you have. You can contact us today. No matter the nature of your request or inquiry, you can rest easy. This is through knowing that we have both experience and good customer service to give you the best help available.

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