Moving overseas is an extremely exciting time for you. However, navigating your way through the complexities of European Removals & Storage Services in the UK & abroad can be a daunting process.

There are many complexities to consider when moving abroad. The removals firm you choose should not be one of them.

Choose a trusted and reliable European Removals company like Wolves Removals, and let our team of expert removers and packers do the hard work for you. Wolves Removals will ensure that this part of the process is totally stress-free and taken care of.

We have years of experience in European Removals & Storage Services. We understand the concerns you’ll have when moving abroad.

The careful handling and delivery of your treasured possessions is our number one priority.

European Removals & Storage Services from Wolves Removals

Sea freight:

The most popular choice for most people. Use your own steel container which is loaded and sealed at your home address. Depending on how much you have to ship, there is the option for smaller shipments to be packed in smaller wooden containers. These are then consolidated with others in a standard steel container.

Air Freight:
If you need your items with you quickly, air freight “modules” or “unaccompanied baggage” is a faster, more effective solution for transit abroad. Whether it is your only chosen shipment method or it is a supplement to your sea freight.

Your dedicated project manager at Wolves Removals can advise you on the best way forward for your belongings.

European Removals & Storage Services

Storage Services from Wolves Removals

Storage services are important to consider when moving from the UK. We have the perfect solution for those inevitable cross over gaps and delays.

At Wolves Removals, we provide a safe and secure location for you to store your belongings. Need us to store your items for a long period of time? No problem.

Do you need storage services abroad? Your dedicated project manager will be happy to arrange this too.