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White Glove Professionals

Elevated Level Of Care

An elevated level of care and attention to detail is what makes white-glove services stand out. Specialty crating, packaging, and shipping services certainly provide that level of care and attention to detail, but the phrase might also apply to a more comprehensive range of services. 


Sentimental Value

An item’s cost and fragility are not always apparent to an outsider, particularly if it appears to be inexpensive but holds high sentimental value, as noted above. White-glove services are commonly used for expensive or delicate items, but in some cases the cost or fragility of an item is not apparent. You should raise the subject if you think it is needed for your project and the company you are dealing with does not inform you about it.

White-Glove Professional Attitude

The white-glove attitude that sets this special delivery service apart from the rest.

It can be seen in the way every package is treated delicately throughout the transit and delivered with precision to the customer. As a White-glove service provider, We have trusted, experienced and professional people on our team who are experts at end-to-end handling of all kinds of movable goods

Customised Logistics

When it comes to the delivery experience, premium customer service can make or break your entire experience. During every phase of the delivery process, white-glove delivery agents provide impeccable customer care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Customers are treated to a wonderful customer experience thanks to the dedicated teams who interact well with clients, know about any special delivery instructions, and offer custom deliveries.

Furthermore, our white-glove delivery agents are punctual, polite, and well-groomed professionals who offer only top-quality service.

A Premium Service

Packing Service

Quality Materials

We use the highest quality packing materials and follow the best packing methods and practices this enables easy handling of goods from the biggest to the smallest.  This also guarantees that your possessions will be transported in the safest way possible.

Storage Services

Our Team

Our white glove team are punctual, polite and well dressed, they are highly trained experts who follow standard protocols and guidelines in all areas of removal services including Local, International or European Removals.

Antiques Moving Services


We will do everything to your specification, we can pack up your high value or specialised goods, literally deliver it to your new dwelling.  You don’t have to worry about unpacking we will do that to, we will remove all packaging and it will be 100% recycled where possible. 

House Clearance

Taking Away Stress

We understand how stressful moving is and how huge that list of things to do is, so while we do the moving you can be doing other things.  We can also store your goods if you are moving overseas or your new house or premises are not quite ready yet.

White Glove Service


Our team at wolves removals and storage delivers seamless white-glove deliveries to clients in healthcare, retail, and other industries, providing enhanced white glove services.

Our UK and European delivery services are sophisticated and refined and are certain to exceed your expectations and those of your clients. Whether you’ve been using in-house deliveries or impersonal outsourced couriers up until now, our personalised, measured delivery approach is sure to please you and your clients.

To receive an instant quote on our services, please contact us today.

White Glove Service

Premium Customer Service

The premium customer service offered by our white-glove team is what will make your entire delivery experience. Our white-glove team offers premium customer service, 24 hours a day, throughout the delivery process.

Our dedicated teams are available to provide excellent customer care, ensuring that customers receive quality service at every turn. In addition to providing excellent customer care, our white-glove team are well-dressed, polite, and punctual professionals who deliver quality service.

Every customer is treated the same, and only the highest quality service is delivered.

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