If you thought packing before moving was the hard part, unpacking and organizing all your belongings while decorating your new home is just as challenging. At Wolves Removals, we understand the effort it takes to create a homely environment for your loved ones. Here are some Tips for Unpacking to make this process the most stress-free experience so you can get settled quickly.

Walkthrough with Your Removals Team

When your items arrive at the new home, make sure to do a walkthrough with your removals crew leader. This will ensure that your items are placed where you want, and we can doublecheck to see that everything is unloaded from our van. Wolves Removals consistently guarantees safe delivery, and we are always willing to stick around a little longer to ensure our services make are happy before we leave.

How to Start Unpacking

The first step is to unpack any boxes of essentials you need for the first day. Then you should start setting up the kitchen to prepare and cook for the family. Unbox your kettle, cups, plates, cutlery, tea bags, coffee, and anything else you need to use for your next meal.

Then you should unpack your cleaning equipment to tidy all areas before taking everything else out. For example, you may need to wipe down kitchen counters and cabinets before putting things inside. Your beds will also need to be assembled, so you should have your bedding out with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and clothes for the night.

Tackle Each Room at a Time

After getting all your necessary items out of boxes and settled, you should start filling up one room at a time.


If you have labeled the boxes well, you should be able to locate everything you need quickly. The first step is to line the kitchen cabinets and cupboards so you can remove the clutter from your counters. If you do not have time to unpack the entire kitchen, you can start with the necessities like pots and pans and hook up any essential appliances like your toaster, fridge, and coffee machine for dinner and breakfast the next morning.


After the kitchen, you should do the bedrooms to unpack the linens. You should have set aside a single set of linens for every bed while packing in the old house. This way, your beds can be ready for the first night because everyone will be tired from the move and will need to get plenty of rest without having to rip open several boxes looking for pillows and blankets late at night.

If you have extra time, you can start organizing your closets by putting clothes inside to wear for the next few days. Organizing your shelves and cupboards will make unpacking simpler and more productive, so you can take your time decorating when you have the necessary beddings and clothes sorted.


Bathroom fixtures at your new place should already be functional when you move in. This will be true if the water has been turned on. Then you can quickly unpack all your shampoos, soaps, toilet paper, towels, toothbrushes, shower curtains, and so on. Unpacking these items should start to make your home feel more comfortable. Simply putting up a mirror will make it feel more like home.  

Living and Dining Room

Your movers can help you arrange the furniture according to your needs. Living and dining rooms should be organized shortly after the move so that your family can have areas to sit and enjoy their meals after a long and exhausting day. Then, you can focus on doing the bookcases or entertainment centers later. We recommend doing this after assembling the bigger pieces of furniture and figuring out the interior design you want. Otherwise, you may risk assembling and disassembling furniture if you change your mind.

Utility Areas

Garages, basements, or other utility rooms should be the last places to unpack. This is so you can prioritize other more immediate areas in your home first. However, you can use these spaces for storage to help you declutter. Keep the main rooms in the new house clean until you are finished unpacking everything. Then you can store items you do not need in boxes in an attic or donate them.

Prioritize the Kids!

Moving can be incredibly stressful for kids, so the best tips for unpacking are to unpack their bedrooms before yours so they can settle while you unload the rest. If you have older children, encourage them to organize their own rooms so that you can help the younger ones get comfortable.

Unload your towels and toiletries so everyone can use the bathroom from the moment you arrive. Then your loved ones can have a shower and brush their teeth the next morning, even if you are still not done unpacking.

Discard Your Packing Materials

Getting rid of your packing materials after removing all your items is the best way to stay organized. You should keep these out of the way to declutter and create space to help you see your progress while unpacking.

Avoid Rushing

Take your time setting up each room. When all your essentials are ready to help you eat, bathe, and sleep, the rest can be sorted slowly. Unload your books and pictures last because you may need to redecorate and move them again. Focus on the basics and arrange one room at a time.

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If you are still worried then ask us to provide you with a packing service quote.