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Storage is an optional part of any Removals and Storage process. It helps to cover the gaps and delays in relocating your house or office. Of course, perfect storage must endure security and flexibility to store your items without taking any strain on your mind. Wolves Removals have their own designated secured storage locations that are well-organized and protected for their customers. Moreover, these storage locations are based in Sussex, so everything is within your reach.

Storage Pricing

Wolves Removal is currently offering one of the most affordable storage in Sussex. Therefore, you can store your items for many weeks, and they still won’t break the bank. Here is our basic storage package pricing with our services:

Storage Space
250 Cubic Feet (8ft x 5ft x 7ft)


Storage Location, Security & Environment

Sussex storage containers are made of sturdy wood with secured doors to it in all your items. There are two secured warehouse sites in Sussex where these containers are installed.

For security assurance, Wolf Removals have installed CCTV cams with locked gates in both of their warehouse for complete surveillance.

Storage Timeframes

We do not bind our customers to any storage period. They can keep their items with complete flexibility. Furthermore, there are no minimum or maximum time storage limits. However, we issue a one-week notice to the owner to collect their items.

Of course, we never pressurize our customers in any way. You can simply ask us to relocate your items once location arrangements have been made from your side.

Possible Storage Reasons

  • Firstly, there might be a gap period in your moving process.
  • Secondly, your children might be moving to university dorms and require temporary storage before the move-in date.
  • Thirdly, your house is being built or renovated during the decided move-in period.
  • You may temporarily rent out your home and want to keep your possessions safe in a secure environment.
  • Perhaps you may be in the process of moving abroad for work and require storage for personal possessions.
  • Finally, the removal process might be delayed due to any other reasons.

Why Use Storage?

Sussex storage can open up your home greatly. From decluttering to renovations, there is a myriad of reasons in which you may decide that storage is a good idea. We recommend storage to those who want a bit more room in their home or wish to get rid of their rarely used belongings.

Storing seasonal items is extremely useful, as barbecues can take up a lot of room in the garden, garage, etc. when they are not being used. The same goes for sports equipment, such as skiing equipment, which can get in the way when they are not being used frequently. Storage gives you the freedom to access your possessions whenever you like, at the convenience of not cluttering up your home.

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If you are still worried, then contact us to provide you with a packing service quote. You can reach us via telephone or email, whichever method is easiest for you. Our team is fully qualified to answer any queries that you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re your number one Sussex storage company.

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