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Specialised Antique Moving Services We Offer

Wolfe Antiques in West Sussex

Wolfe Antique removals are one of our sister companies. They offer unique antique and collectable items that you will find nowhere else. When preparing for this, we must take a few factors into consideration, such as how the items must be wrapped and transported etc. This can be a lot of work, and something that we take extreme pride in. Ensuring the protection of these goods means that they will arrive to their destination in their original condition. They also provide antique removals services through the parent removals and storage company (Wolves Removals) which is well-recognised due to its excellent reputation.

No matter your situation, you can be reassured that we will have something suitable. We understand that every job will be different, which is why we aim to personalise each and every one of our services. All we ask is that you inform us of everything that you require, so we can prepare and ensure all goes well. This prevents delays and issues from occurring, meaning the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Specialised Antique Moving Made Easy – What’s Included?

We can ship anything despite its size or value. From individual pieces to whole collections, we can transport them safely, securely, and they will be insured. Not to mention, if you need to pack or ship antiques for international shipping, or simply to have an item picked up from a fair or auction, do it confidently with Wolves Removals. We can do it all, and we aim to provide you with a tailored service that suits all of your requirements, from start to finish.

Our team at Wolfe Antiques travels to various Antique fairs across Europe and west Sussex. This is predominantly within France: Béziers, Montpellier, and Avignon in the south, as well as Le Mans and Chartres in the north.

At every antique fair, we offer antique shipping services to the UK for our discerning attendees. Therefore, the team will deliver the purchased valuable antiques in the exact same condition as they were ordered. This can be useful for those requiring the shipment of their goods, providing a convenient and helpful service. The idea of transporting these goods on your own can put a lot of people off, which is why we began this service.

Why Us?

Wolfe Removals Brighton ensures safe transit of your valuable antiques to your desired location. This comes with full insurance, for that extra protection for both us and yourself. Our team will pack all of your antiques and collectables safely and efficiently. Furthermore, we will pack fragile items separately, secured with bubble wrap and thick cloths to avoid any damage. We have found this to be one of the most efficient methods, preventing breakages due to the protection these materials provide.

Alongside collecting items from antique fairs across France, the continent and fulfilling local antique furniture deliveries for the antique trade, we can help antique dealers with their Trader Fair presence. Our expertise that we have gained over the years has allowed us to apply this to all manner of circumstances. Furthermore, we have been able to help many people in the process. Not only are we happy to help, but we’re happy to learn. The more we take part in these services, the more aware we become of these goods and the best ways to transport them.

Fairs We Attend

We attend both the Olympia Antiques Moving Fair and the Battersea Decorative Fairs. Is there is a fair you would like to attend but need an extra pair of hands? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. We are more than happy to help wherever we can, providing some skilful services whilst also seeing something new. It gives us nothing but good experiences and opportunities where we can meet more people in this area.

Do you want to expand your antique collection with unique collectables and items? Visit Wolfe Antiques. Here, you will find a lot of relevant information, which could potentially answer lots of your questions. If you’re still unsure, contact us.

Moreover, for our Antique Removals services, call or email us to get your free quote now. Our team are fully qualified to help with any queries that you may have regarding this service. They will provide you with some information based on your circumstances, and act in accordance with their knowledge and experience.

If you are moving antiques amid the covid-19 crisis, click the link if you’re looking for antiques removals worthing. You will find more information here that may be extremely useful. In these unprecedented times, moving home can be more stressful than ever. This is why we are currently offering more help and advice, to ensure that all of our customers are comfortable moving home during this time. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about this.

More About Antiques

Packing Service

First Art Fair

The first Olympia Art & Antiques Fair was held at Earls Court in 1973 and moved to Olympia in 1979. Since 1979, this fair has been the most distinguished, long-standing fine art and antiques fair in London. The fair runs for over 40 years and attracts roughly 32,000 visitors. It takes place over eleven days in June and is one of London’s biggest and most reputable art and antiques fairs. Dealers were divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze classes in 1973 in quality and dateline. In 2010, dateline restrictions were lifted, allowing dealers to sell contemporary goods.

Storage Services

Round Top Texas

Round Top Antiques Fair, a large antiques event held three times a year in Round Top, Texas, is a classic country, Americana, and European country and formal furniture show. The show has been held annually since 1968. It features items from three localities around Round Top, Texas, including Burton, Warrenton, and Carmine.

Each of the three events lasts one week. From The Arbors to The Compound, there are many additional venues to explore at the festival. 

Antiques Moving Services

Highest Priced Antique Sold

What is the most expensive antique ever sold? The Pinner Qing Dynasty vase was sold for $85.9 million. The vase is a rare piece of pottery created during the Qing Dynasty. It features bright colors, fish motifs, and a Chinese imperial seal.The vase is the last surviving example of eighteen vases made.

When it was first discovered, it was thought to be a replica. It was discovered in a house in London and auctioned for $69.5 million in 2010, with a 20% buyer’s premium and VAT totaling $85.9 million. The vase was auctioned for $34 million in a private sale after two years.

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