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Fully Tailored Services

Firstly, our reputation for highly efficient, fully customizable removals in Saltdean continues to grow. And as a family-run business, we closely align with the traditional principles. These include service, professionalism, attention to detail as well as a personal approach. We have found that we can apply both our personal and professional skills to any situation to produce the desired outcome.

The picturesque countryside and rolling farmland surrounding Saltdean is a pleasure for the team to visit. As well as this, Saltdean is only a short drive from Brighton. This is very appealing to a number of people, which perhaps is what makes it so popular. Additionally, we offer our services throughout Saltdean and the surrounding suburbs. This covers the entire BN2 postcode.

We Strive for Quality

Our business is built upon working tirelessly to provide the best possible service. In addition, we want to provide peace of mind to those looking for quality removals services and packing materials. We have a robust client base that continues to expand, with many personal recommendations and frequent returning customers. These reviews have allowed us to grow our customer base, and further, encourage new customers to use our services.

Wolves Removals Saltdean consistently strives to provide clients with first-class furniture removals and house clearance services that not only meet but exceed your high expectations.

Our fully personalised approach to removals has made us a popular choice in Sussex for moving home. It is important to us to ensure that each service is individually tailored to the requirements of the customer. This provides all-around satisfaction and ensures that everything has been taken care of.

Quick & Clean Services

Providing a removal service that you can rely on time and time again is our company’s promise to you. Not to mention, we will always handle belongings with the utmost respect and arrive safely at your intended destination. This can provide some reassurance which is welcome during a time such as this, which we know can be stressful.

Need a hand organising supplies for your move? Then why not purchase a pre-prepared packing material set? This contains all the essentials you need for effortless packing- regardless of the size of the move. We would recommend utilising this if you are unsure of where to get the materials, or don’t know where to start. By having these materials to hand, you can be happy knowing that you have everything you need to wrap and pack your goods properly.

Antique Logistics Services

Are you looking for an auction/antique logistics service you can rely on? Wolves removals provide expert moving services for high-value antiques. Furthermore, our antiques moving services are trusted to be delivered by a number of local clients involved within the art and antique trade. When dealing with goods of this nature, it can be difficult knowing where to begin. They will often have some monetary or sentimental value, which makes them much more important.

We will do our best to ensure that they are transported and arrive safe and sound. By using the correct equipment and materials, we will wrap and pack these goods appropriately for maximum security. By carrying out the right methods, we can minimise the risk of damages and breakages occurring.


We can offer solutions to storage for many occasions, e.g. having building works carried out on your new home. Whatever the reason behind your storage requirements, Wolves Removals are here with a flexible storage solution to meet your needs. You can rest easy knowing that we have a range of solutions to fit your requirements, and we will do our best to provide the appropriate one.

From home renovations to decluttering, there are many reasons why you may want to store some of your belongings. Whether they’re in the way, or you do not need them all year round, storage is definitely worth considering. Skiing equipment, barbecues, etc., can be put away and accessed when needed, instead of taking up valuable room in your home. This can allow you to have some welcome changes around the property, and ensure that you are not cluttered.

Storage can also be used for business purposes. This includes archiving, filing, and more. When dealing with these goods, there are often times when they will not be needed 24/7. Therefore, being able to access them easily makes it much easier.

Our Aim – Satisfactory Removals

We strive to keep our prices competitive and affordable for the vast majority of individuals and businesses. Regardless of it being a house move, a renovation of your home, or moving your children to university dorms; you can always trust Wolves Removals Saltdean to provide exceptional service. There are a range of reasons why people move, and we are understanding on all fronts.

We aim to be as affordable as possible, meaning that we can include a wide range of people in our customer base. Therefore, we can include a variety of customers, and continue to provide our services at the same brilliant rates. This can be the deciding factor when choosing a removals company, so we want to be as approachable as possible on all fronts.

Contact Us

Why not find out what everyone’s talking about and contact us about your forthcoming move today? We will be able to provide you with some further advice on your situation. In addition, we can help to go through out services and choose the best one for you.

Simply give us a call or an email, whatever is convenient for you. Our team are fully qualified to answer any queries that you may have. Both their experience paired with their knowledge allows them to continue to work as hard as they can to provide our amazing services. Throughout our years in this industry, we have relied on both our team and our customers to help our business to grow and improve.

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