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Non fragile packing service


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With our packing service, we use heavy-duty boxes, quality bubble wrap, and vinyl packing tape that is resistant to humidity, temperature change, moisture, and chemicals. Therefore, these materials are ideal for properly sealing your boxes. All of these factors will help to protect your items in the best way possible.

If you think there’s no way you can pack or move an item, chances are we’ve already seen one before, packed it, and moved it. The best thing to do in this situation would be to contact us. We can discuss the items in question, their size, etc. This can give us an idea of what we will be working with, and any concerns that you may have.

There are a range of goods of this nature, for example, musical instruments, antiques, etc. These goods can be awkward to move, not to mention unwieldy, difficult, and valuable. Pianos are a more common item of this nature, as well as artwork. You can rest easy knowing that we will be able to handle these situations to the best of our ability, and provide efficient and noteworthy moving services.

Our Team

Guaranteed conscientious, trustworthy, full-time certified staff. These components together mean that our team is prepared for any situation, and they will know how to handle things once the time comes. Therefore, all jobs will be completed efficiently and appropriately, to the brilliant standard that we continue to maintain. By having a good team for a Non fragile packing service, we can promise:

  • Trained piano, antique and international shipping packing.
  • Hassle-free door-to-door moves.
  • Customer reviews, service orientated helpful and friendly staff.
  • We supply packing materials, transit, storage, and fire insurance.
  • Full house moves and excellent rates for small loads.

We’re specialists in large family home moves: our team is trustworthy. We understand the ins and outs of moving home, especially with families. This can sometimes add more pressure to the situation, as children and so forth can be more upset and confused at what is going on. As an added bonus, our moving teams are trained to work with you and your kids for a happy, stress-free removal service. By ensuring that all members of the family are content, the whole moving process can be much easier.

Let us take care of the packing, dismantling, and organising of your move, so you don’t have to. These services can save you from attempting to put furniture back together yourself and struggling in the process. Furthermore, you may find that this is something you don’t wish to do after your moving day. This will help you have a less stressful removal. It will also mean that you will have to do the minimum, letting us take care of everything. By utilising these services that we offer, your move can be something much easier than you originally thought, and allow you to have the most stress-free experience with us.

We’ve years of Non fragile packing service experience carrying out removals services our services in Worthing, Horsham, Crawley, Midhurst, Brighton, Arundel & Chichester regions.

For some help in planning your move

Get an online quotation today to help you with your relocation. You can contact us via telephone or email, whichever method is the most convenient method for you. Our team is fully qualified to help with any queries that you may have. You can be reassured that they will do their best to offer you relevant advice and tips.

We have made this possible through the many different experiences and circumstances we have faced. Through this, the knowledge we have gained has led us to not only improve our customer-facing roles, but our behind-the-scenes ones.

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These pages may be able to offer you some further guidance and advice on your circumstances. This can be a good port of call if you wish to gain some more knowledge and information before speaking with us. They can be an invaluable source of information for anyone who is unsure of moving home, whether it be for the first time, second, third, etc. This can be an incredibly stressful experience and these pages can offer some reassurance.

More Info

Packing Service

Packing Your Office

Office packing takes even more knowledge, imagine opening a box full of thrown-in pens, paper clips, envelopes, and much more. How many man-hours is that going to take to unpack, your staffs time is valuable to your business, time costs money. 

It is far more cost-effective to pay Wolves Removals to pack it professionally, everything is wrapped and bagged for easy unpacking and time efficiency. You wouldn’t pay my staff to answer your phones so why would you pay your staff for a non fragile packing service or unpack?. No mess no fuss, we take all packaging away with us and 100% recycled where possible, leaving you to get on with your business.

Storage Services


Boxes are not just boxes when packing fragile items, so don’t be fooled by thinking you can just pick some up from the supermarket. They come in different sizes and strengths, Wolves Removals use top-quality packing materials, so this means that our boxes are triple-walled for extra hold. Our professional team of packers knows how to pack the right goods into the right boxes for the maximum room, lifting them with precision and care. 

There is a right way and a wrong way like any skilled job we do it the right way. I am sure you have all had that embarrassing moment when we say “I’ve got it”, next thing the contents are on the floor. 

This is why good quality packing materials are an essential part of your move, our tape doesn’t get you into sticky situations it stays where it’s put. Every box is sealed tight, top and bottom with no wastage and no spillage! With Wolves Removals a box stays a box right to the very end.

Antiques Moving Services

We’ve Got It Covered

We’ve got it covered, from sofas to pianos we can move it all and we have it on a daily basis, this is a big deal for you but for us, it’s a job and we at Wolves Removals do that job with pride. A sofa is not in the fragile packing bracket but it is generally one of the most expensive items in your home. In our packing materials, we include sofa covers to make sure that it remains in pristine condition throughout their move.

So even though it’s a non-fragile item we treat it with the utmost care and attention. Every item of home or office furniture is blanketed for protection and with our team’s wealth of experience and expertise moved without being damaged or scuffed. 

Wolves know how to make the most of the space in our trucks, so you can make the most of the space in your new home. Take a look at our White Glove Service on our website it might be just the right fit for you.

House Clearance

Forget Nothing

“I forgot about that” if we at Wolves had a pound every- time we heard a customer say that, would all be millionaires. Attic, loft, shed it all has to go, so it all has to be included in your quote, we at Wolves Removals advise that you clear these spaces before we arrive. De-clutter because if it’s been in the loft for years the chances are you don’t need it so why would you want to pay for it to move.

 Do a moving checklist that way you won’t forget to check and you won’t forget to get rid of unwanted items. You may even find valuables or antiques, artwork by Andy Warhol or a Rembrandt, crockery that you inherited but is no longer your cup of tea. 

This is where Wolves can help you again, we have a sister company Wolfes Antiques let us value your valuables and if you decide that it doesn’t have a home with you, we will give you today’s price for your tomorrow, don’t forget about that.

Non Fragile Packing Service

Non fragile packing service

How it’s done as a rule of thumb, people will give you lots of packing tips which may come in very useful when packing yourself, but they are not professional movers. So, we at Wolves Removals are going to share some of our knowledge with you DIY packers. What boxes do you use? Firstly, never cut corners, don’t go down to the local shops and pick up their disused boxes.

1.    They have already been used so they would have lost some of their strength.

2.    Would you know the difference between single, double, or triple-walled cardboard boxes?

3.    What if the box had had water damage and dried out, the cardboard would become brittle?

4.    The packing tape has already held weight so it is not likely to hold much more.

Non Fragile Packing Service

Packed By Owner

PBO (Packed By Owner) is very normal for our customers even though paying for a Full Packing Service to want to pack a few boxes of personal items themselves. But we must ask that you clearly write PBO on the boxes that you packed as Wolves Removals cannot be responsible for any damage or breakages to those items. 

Wolves use the best packaging materials and packing paper on the market to avoid all of the above. Non-fragile doesn’t mean light or unbreakable, it means sturdy and handleable, so when packing you still need to pack in order of weight. This means you need good quality boxes we would suggest double or triple-walled for packing household or office items.

Always pack the heaviest items first, so if it is booked put them at the base this will make the box sturdy and easier to lift, then lighter items to fill the remainder. Next, remember to wrap the goods first utilizing as much space as possible inside the boxes. 

Add rolled or twisted paper into any remaining spaces this way your goods will not move around. Remember do not to overfill the box and use good quality tape, paper, or bubble wrap. Packing materials are the key to your packing, good quality is always the best quality, that’s why we at Wolves Removals and Storage are the best movers, we put the quality into the street. Get in touch today for a no-fuss, no-obligation quote.

For information on other locations we work in. Please browse our other pages and check out our frequently asked questions