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Planning your move:

It is important to take many different factors into consideration when planning a move. When you decide to move, you should be thinking about the time of the week and year. These things can make your move cheaper or more expensive.

Deciding to move during a weekday will make your move cheaper, or even on a Sunday. This is because moving at the weekend will be peak times, due to people’s availability. You have to consider that moving during the week can potentially mean you have to have the day off work. Therefore, booking in advance will allow you to ensure that you will be free on the day.

If you decide to move during the colder months, you will find that this can be cheaper than moving during the warmer months. This is again, due to people’s availability. The warmer months will be more popular to move, and therefore more expensive, because of the school holidays. Additionally, when the weather is colder, it is less appealing due to the weather conditions. This can include snow, ice, and rain. More risks will be presented, and delays can be more regular.

Finding the moving company that suits you:

When moving, a good tip for money saving is to shop around. When you begin looking at removal companies, think about the service you’re looking for, the type of company, and what they have on offer. It is a good idea to get quotes from a few companies, so you can compare and see which one fits your requirements the best.

Once you have found the company you prefer, make sure that you go through all the steps. This includes receiving quotes, estimates, and surveys. This will give you a realistic idea of what to expect.

Help when packing:

When packing your goods, you may be tempted to hire a packing service. This can be extremely helpful, however, a money saving tip is to ask friends and family for help. This can save you money, and mean that you won’t have to do it all on your own. You may find that asking friends and family to help can also make it more fun, as you can have a joke during the process.


Moving house gives you the chance to have a declutter. This is a money saving tip, as you won’t be taking as much with you when you move home. You can decide whether to keep goods, donate them, or simply get rid of them. As well as saving you some money, you will be having a bit of a refresh. This may also give you some relief when you unpack, as you will have more space in your home.

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Making sure you eat all of your food before moving:

When you move home, make sure that you are eating all of your food in the fridge and freezers so you won’t have to throw these away when you move. This can save you lots of money, as you won’t be getting rid of food that you have to get rid of because it has defrosted.

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Types of packing materials:

Shop around for your packing materials, and even look on social media. You can get boxes and other items from Gumtree and similar sites from people who have also moved home for free. Of course, you can get these materials from your moving company, however, they will be at a set price.

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