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Refer to Your Instructions Manual

It can be challenging to install or uninstall any major appliances without referring to your owner’s manual. This guide should provide specific instructions on how to use and move your machine. If you cannot find this manual, there may be a copy on the manufacturer’s website.

Unplugging the Appliance

Although unplugging a refrigerator needs to be done in advance, this is not critical for a washing machine or dishwasher. However, it is always best to switch off your appliances before moving, with the cords neatly taped to prevent any mishaps.

Empty Your Appliances

Remove any clothes in the washing machine or dishes in the dishwasher and pack separately. At Wolves Removals, we provide the best packing materials to store these so that you never risk losing any items or damaging plates and cutlery during the move.

Preparing the Washer and Dryer

Preparing a washing machine or dryer requires special attention and care. The first step is to separate the hoses for these appliances in another box or bag where you can access these immediately on arrival to the new location. The drum for your washer will also need to be secured. Your instructions manual can offer the best advice on how to do this safely. If you have any troubles and cannot find this information in your owner’s manual, give us a call today, we can take care of this for you.

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Packing Service

Secure All Cords, Plugs, and Wires

Cords and wires are always a hazard for moving, no matter which appliance you have. They should safely be tucked out of the way with masking or packing tape so that there are no loose plugs or cords that can cause an accident during transit.

Storage Services

Packing the Appliances

To prevent any dust or dents on the way, you should pack your washing machine and dishwasher in the original boxes they arrived in. Make sure that you have enough padding in these boxes to minimize damages. If you do not have these supplies anymore, we can provide the right–sized boxes with all the packing materials you need. No matter how big or small your appliance is, you can always rely on Wolves Removals from start to finish.

Antiques Moving Services

Secure Screws and Doors

Like your wires and cords, you will need to tape and secure the doors. This also applies to any other removable aspects of your appliance before moving day. This will protect your machines from any damages during the process.

House Clearance

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If you are still worried then ask us to provide you with a packing service quote.

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