There is a popular superstition that a broken mirror brings many years of bad luck, but you should never worry about that, thanks to our mirror packing tips for removals. Moving houses is already daunting enough, and the last thing we want to see is your expensive sentimental mirror or frame getting damaged in the process. Here are the steps you should take to guarantee a safe transit for mirrors. So if you are wondering how to pack a mirror for moving then continue to read.

Prepare Your Packing Materials

To protect expensive mirrors, you will need to secure some high-quality packaging supplies. The things you will need most are:

Mirror boxes or cartons.
Thick packing paper.
A large thick piece of cardboard.
Tons of bubble wrap.
Some moving blankets.
A permanent marker.
Rolls of packing and masking tape.

Prepare the Mirror Carton

Your mirror box should be adjustable to fit any mirror size during the packing process because it is made from four separate pieces interlocked together to create a protective layer of cardboard. When packing the mirror, slide two of the sections from your box into one another, and then stick bubble wrap in the sides and corners where they join. Then repeat the same with the other two pieces of your mirror box.

Pick A Suitable Packing Area

If your mirror is heavy, you will need a safe space without clutter to start packing for your house movers to collect. Use a large dining table and put a thick blanket on the surface. This will act as a cushion to support your mirror during the packing process. Then keep a stack of packing paper in the middle. You can also use this same area later to pack other fragile items.

Use Tape for Protection

With your painter’s tape, make a large “X” across your mirror from one corner to another. In case it gets cracked or shattered during the packing or moving process, this neat trick will help keep the shards of broken glass in place, so no one gets hurt.

Gift Wrap Your Mirror

Carefully lay down your mirror on the stack of packing paper in the middle of your station and start wrapping from end to end as though it is Christmas all over again. Do not worry about making it look pretty because it is not a gift. Focus on using the wrapping as a strong layer of protection to cover each part. Once this is done, cover your mirror on the outside with bubble wrap, and make sure no detail of the glass or frame is left exposed.

Pack the Mirror in Your Box

After your packing and reinforcing the mirror is complete, the time has come to lower it into the mirror box. Gently slide the mirror into your carton and then adjust the sides so you can closely fit the fragile item. If there are empty spaces in the box, fill them with padding supplies like your bubble wrap and leftover packing paper. This should close all spaces so that your mirror is safely secure and does not shift inside the box.

Create A Warning Label for Your House Movers

When the mirror is safely in the box, generously use packing tape to seal all the openings. This way, the package will not rip open when it is being carried onto a truck. Make sure to use the permanent marker to write the words “fragile” or “handle with care.” This will help your removals company in Sussex know that they are dealing with a valuable item and should be delicate while handling and transporting it to your new home.

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