Moving a refrigerator is a painstaking experience because they are so bulky and cumbersome. Fridges are also expensive, which is why you should always know how to prepare them before your removals company arrives. Here are simple tips to help you get the job done with the least hassles.

To move a large fridge, you will need measuring tape, a screwdriver, a drill, some moving blankets, packing tape or rope, and a U-Haul appliance dolly with straps. These can be bought from any department store, and you can always reuse these items to pack and move other belongings as well.

Your first step will be cleaning the refrigerator to prepare it for moving. For this, you will need to empty all the contents from inside to bin away, or you can store perishables in a cooler. Make sure you add plenty of ice in the cooler so that your food can remain fresh for the duration of the move and the time it takes your fridge to cool after arrival at the new residence. You should always plan to eat most of your food in the weeks before your house movers arrive to load it on their truck.

The best way to clean the surfaces inside is by using a mixture of water and baking soda. Use a microfiber cloth to scrub every inch and melt any remaining ice with a hairdryer. This step is critical to prevent any accidental water leaks. After cleaning and getting rid of the ice, you should turn off the refrigerator from the main power for a few hours before your removals company comes to pick it up.

Some fridges have water filters and ice makers. These should be disconnected according to the instructions in your manufacturer’s manual. When your fridge has been unplugged for some time, roll the cord and tape it to the back. You should use bungee cords to secure the front door from swinging open during the move or remove them and keep the screws in a separate bag to take with you. Make sure not to lose this bag so that you can assemble the fridge quickly after reaching the new home.

To avoid scratches and dents during transit, wrap the outside of your fridge with the moving blankets. You can also use cushions and bubble wrap for extra security. When you finally arrive at your new house, you will need to make sure the fridge can fit through the front door for your furniture removalist to unload it to your kitchen. This is where the measuring tape comes in handy, so you can record the height and width of all the doorways and walkways beforehand to ensure that all your large items can safely be carried into the rooms you need them to be in.

If your refrigerator does not have wheels, you will need to use the U-Haul dolly to slide it. For this step, you may also need some help because it is a two-person job. The safest way is to lift the fridge forward and put furniture sliders under the back. Then step in front of the refrigerator and grab both sides to push it from side to side as you guide it forward. Keep your back straight and knees bent to avoid any injuries. Finally, ask your friend to lift the fridge slightly from one side to slide the dolly under. If your dolly comes with straps, you can use these to tighten and secure the refrigerator for your removals company to handle the rest. If you cannot do this step, ask your furniture removalist for their expertise.