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With our packing service, we use heavy-duty boxes, quality bubble wrap, and vinyl packing tape that is resistant to humidity, temperature change, moisture, and chemicals. Therefore, these materials are ideal for properly sealing your boxes. All of these factors will help to protect your items in the best way possible.

If you think there’s no way you can pack or move an item, chances are we’ve already seen one before, packed it, and moved it. The best thing to do in this situation would be to contact us. We can discuss the items in question, their size, etc. This can give us an idea of what we will be working with, and any concerns that you may have.

There are a range of goods of this nature, for example, musical instruments, antiques, etc. These goods can be awkward to move, not to mention unwieldy, difficult, and valuable. Pianos are a more common item of this nature, as well as artwork. You can rest easy knowing that we will be able to handle these situations to the best of our ability, and provide efficient and noteworthy moving services.

Our Team

Guaranteed conscientious, trustworthy, full-time certified staff. These components together mean that our team is prepared for any situation, and they will know how to handle things once the time comes. Therefore, all jobs will be completed efficiently and appropriately, to the brilliant standard that we continue to maintain. By having a good team, we can promise:

  • Trained piano, antique and international shipping packing.
  • Hassle-free door-to-door moves.
  • Customer reviews, service orientated helpful and friendly staff.
  • We supply packing materials, transit, storage, and fire insurance.
  • Full house moves and excellent rates for small loads.

We’re specialists in large family home moves: our team is trustworthy. We understand the ins and outs of moving home, especially with families. This can sometimes add more pressure to the situation, as children and so forth can be more upset and confused at what is going on.

As an added bonus, our moving teams are trained through Trust Your Move with the paperwork.

By ensuring that all members of the family are content, the whole moving process can be much easier.

Let us take care of the packing, dismantling, and organising your move, so you don’t have to. These services can save you from attempting to put furniture back together yourself and struggling in the process. Furthermore, you may find that this is something you don’t wish to do after your moving day. This will help you have a less stressful removal. It will also mean that you will have to do the minimum, letting us take care of everything. By utilising these services that we offer, your move can be something much easier than you originally thought, and allow you to have the most stress-free experience with us.

We’ve years of experience carrying out removals services our services in Worthing, Horsham, Crawley, Midhurst, Brighton, Arundel & Chichester regions.

For some help on planning your move

Get an online quotation today to help you with your relocation. You can contact us via telephone or email, whichever method is the most convenient method for you. Our team is fully qualified to help with any queries that you may have. You can be reassured that they will do their best to offer you relevant advice and tips.

We have made this possible through the many different experiences and circumstances we have faced. Through this, the knowledge we have gained has led us to not only improve our customer-facing roles, but our behind-the-scenes ones.

For more tips, visit our other pages;

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These pages may be able to offer you some further guidance and advice on your circumstances. This can be a good port of call if you wish to gain some more knowledge and information before speaking with us. They can be an invaluable source of information for anyone who is unsure of moving home, whether it be for the first time, second, third, etc. This can be an incredibly stressful experience and these pages can offer some reassurance.

More Info

Packing Service

Packing Fragile Goods

Pack it up, just get it packed I hear you say because let’s be honest the whole moving process is tiring. Packing and then unpacking, fragile packing takes time and dedication if the right packing materials are not used, they definitely won’t be fragile by the time you get to the other end, they will be broken! A top tip is if you can, use the original boxes, and the original packaging where you can. Make sure at the top and bottom of the box you fill in all the empty spaces too!.

If you’re packing your goods yourself it is time-consuming to put layers of crumpled paper and bubble wrap around fragile items, such as picture frames, vases, and grandma’s tea service – so nobody blames you if you’re tempted to throw everything in a box and take a break. 

Your items are irredeemable that’s why Wolves Removals have an excellent team that is fully committed, they are trained to the highest standard in fragile packing. 

They have time, patience, and knowledge in how to pack, they also have the right packing materials for the job, so don’t worry grandma your tea service is safe with Wolves Removals and Storage. Contact us today for a free quotation and another tick on your checklist.

Storage Services

Fragile Packing Service

A fragile Packing Service means that we take care of your goods, long-stemmed glasses, for instance, are not the same as high ball glasses so you wouldn’t pack and wrap them the same would you? Well neither do we our dedicated team has a tailored approach when packing such items and we use the highest quality packing paper & materials to do it. 

Whether it be delicate items such as Royal Doulton or your Waterford Crystal it will be securely packed and loaded making sure that it arrives safe and sound in your new home. Naturally, we label each box and list on the moving boxes that they are breakable items. We use tried and tested methodology, we practice these techniques every day when packing plates most people would wrap and stack.

As a moving company, we at Wolves Removals know that the box has to be first filled with rolled paper, and then the plates are wrapped and placed vertically before finally securing them with bubble wrap. 

Our comprehensive understanding of fragile packing means that we also offer a bespoke White Glove Service you can find information and prices on this website. Your goods will be safe and secure in Wolves Removals and Storages hands, instead of feeling fragile let us pack the fragile, make the move and call us today we’ll do the moving for you.

Antiques Moving Services

Fragile Office Goods

Fragile office goods are as important to us as household goods, moving offices with full staff is no easy task, it’s a challenge that doesn’t finish when you get to the other end. It takes precision and a lot of organization, after all, it all has to be installed again at the other end.  We at Wolves Removals provide full-service relocation, local and long-distance, our dedicated and skilled team of removers and packers offer professional and safe handling of all your office goods. 

What we offer is a pre-move consultation where we will give you instructions on the best way to pack up your office. You can instruct us as to what needs to come off of the van first at the other end, we will provide a team member(s) to start installation on the most important of your work tools.

 At Wolves we will assist you in whatever capacity is needed, we understand that time is money this is why it is our aim to get you installed and up and running as quickly as possible.

Our high-end packing materials will suit the most complex of computers and electrical goods guaranteeing that your equipment arrives to you as it left. We also offer a disposal service which includes us taking any unwanted items and donating them to a worthy charity, we dispose of all materials used by Wolves responsibly 100% recycling where possible. Don’t be green with envy, be green and clean call Wolves Removals now for a free quote.

House Clearance


If you require any extra space, storage is also no problem for us at Wolves Removals, if you’re not quite ready to move into your new home or office take a look at our storage page. Whether it’s short-term or long term we can help, upon leaving the move our dedicated team drives your goods straight into our secure storage units. 

They are sealed and not re-opened until you need them to be, of course, it goes without saying that we can offer a return to sender service where we deliver them straight back to your new home or office. If you want us to store only part of your goods that is no problem for Wolves Removals and Storage, whatever your needs we will give you advice and accommodate. 

Don’t sit and wonder where you are going to put it all let us at Wolves sit on it. Call us now for a quotation and consultation

Antique Items Trading

Moving Professionals

Wolves Removals are your professionals for packaging and transporting difficult-to-move items, including furniture, equipment, artwork, machinery, computers, antiques, and more. Our team has the experience and knowledge to deal with these items with the utmost care and respect. This means that you won’t have to worry about the condition of your items, and can rest easy.

We also have a dedicated team of packing experts who will declutter unnecessary things while packing your other belongings separately. Decluttering can often make the difference to having a great home, as you will have much more space. Not only can this give your home a bit of a new look, but it can be refreshing to see space and not belongings all over the place.

We take great care of your fragile items to ensure that they never break during the removal of unloading. This occurs through meticulous wrapping and packing, not to mention the efficient methods used for transportation. Due to this, we have many happy customers who have graced us with brilliant feedback regarding these methods and our overall services.

Antique Items Trading


Preparing and packing your home is a crucial step of any removals services process, and many homeowners overcomplicate it due to a lack of materials. In some cases, this can be because they’re not sure where to start, or simply don’t know the materials that will be needed. Wolves Removals West Sussex also offers a bespoke service with affordable house moving kits to safely pack all your belongings. The materials consist of cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and settee covers. These are all important in the protection of your belongings, ensuring their safety during the whole process. These kits include everything that you need to ensure your goods will be secure during their journey to your new home.


For information on other locations we work in. Please browse our other pages and check out our frequently asked questions