5 Top Tips For Moving

Moving to a new residence should be an exciting experience because it opens the doors to a fresh start full of incredible opportunities to create new memories with loved ones. However, furniture removing can be overwhelming because it involves a lot of work to leave your comfort zone. Here are the best 5 top tips for moving home to help make the removals process smoother.

Booking Your Removals Company in Sussex

It is essential to book a moving date with your furniture removalist in advance to avoid disappointment if there are no timings available later, especially if you plan on relocating during weekends or holidays. The best way to choose your mover company is by judging their website and reviews, especially if they reassure you with plenty of helpful content to make the packing process a lot easier. Your valuables significantly depend on the company you choose for removals. Always do your research and then ask for a quote. This will depend on the amount of furniture that needs to be transferred.

Declutter Before Packing

The fewer items you have, the easier your packing experience will be. If you have tons of clothes or old things that you do not use, consider donating them to declutter your home. This way, you will also save a lot of money during the moving process. You can also spare yourself extra time and stress. There is no point paying for extra things if you plan to discard them right after moving, so it is always better to do this in advance.

Consider Things to Leave Behind

Ask your removals company for a list of items that cannot be moved so that you can plan before leaving. For example, there may be plants with soils and chemicals that should not be moved. However, if you really need the pots of plants, it is best to remove the dirt and pack the plant in your pot with plastic so that it does not shift around in the back of a truck. In case you are unable to pack large and bulky items yourself, ask your removalist if they provide an extra service to do this for you. Otherwise, you may have to organize disposal or a storage facility.

Transfer Utilities

Before packing and moving, register with your new gas, water, electricity, and internet providers, letting them know about your relocation. You can find out how to cancel your contract before moving. This is useful if you wish to move companies too. Otherwise, they might continue sending bills that you will be liable for even if you no longer use their services.

Pack A Survival Kit for The Big Day

On moving day, your mover company will grab everything packed and ready to be loaded onto the truck, hence why you should always pack essentials for you and your family separately. These items should help you get through moving day and your first night in the new home. You should keep separate bags aside to carry with you with things like phone chargers, water bottles, snacks, and toiletries. This will keep everyone well-fed on a busy day. This is important! It takes a lot of time to unpack all the boxes again to look for emergency items.

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